Scholarships & Financial Support

Undergraduate scholarships

The School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering offers ISE majors and other undergraduates two main types of scholarships: scholarships for incoming freshmen who are direct admits, and scholarships for current students.

IU’s Office of Scholarships has information about many more IU awards you may be eligible for.

Master’s student fellowships

Many students pursuing the M.S. in Intelligent Systems Engineering qualify for a fellowship. Available only to full-time students, the fellowship is worth $2,500 per semester for four semesters.

Applicants are automatically considered for a fellowship when they apply for admission, and decisions are made at the time of admission. Fellowships do not require repayment. For more information, email Rebecca Conway Winkle at

Ph.D. student financial support

The School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering and the Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering strive to provide financial support to all Ph.D. students during their academic careers.

Student academic appointments (SAAs)

SAAs are the primary form of Ph.D. student financial support. There are two types of SAAs:

  • Associate instructorships
  • Research assistantships

Applicants are automatically considered for an SAA when they apply for admission. If you are admitted, your admission letter will include funding information.

All SAAs include a monthly stipend for 10 months. SAA stipends are considered graduate student financial support and compensation for assigned academic duties, and therefore are taxable income.

SAAs also include a fee remission and subsidized health insurance. The fee remission is restricted to a maximum of 30 credit hours in an academic year—up to 12 credit hours in the fall, up to 12 credit hours in the spring, and up to 6 credit hours in the summer. The fee remission is not taxable.

Other funding opportunities at IU Bloomington

We encourage all students to explore additional funding opportunities at IU. Start here:

If you want to be nominated for an internal fellowship or award through the University Graduate School, contact the Intelligent Systems Engineering Graduate Studies Office at