B.S. in Intelligent Systems Engineering

Xandria McDowell

B.S. in Intelligent Systems Engineering


Programming robots to detect and avoid objects for a project that aims to use autonomous vehicles to transmit wildfire data to firefighters in the field


Managing technology projects, leading a company, and teaching the next generation of engineers

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Choose a concentration

In addition to completing our core curriculum, you’ll select one concentration that gives you in-depth knowledge and experience in a key area of ISE.

The concentration requirements are listed in the B.S. degree requirements, and you can see a suggested path for completing your degree on time using each concentration’s degree map.

This expansive field combines biology with technology and classic engineering principles. Bioengineers address biological, environmental, agricultural, and medical challenges in ways that enhance people’s lives and improve how we live in our environment. This concentration also has a premed option which satisfies IU’s pre-med requirements to prepare you to enter—and thrive in—medical school.

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Computer engineering includes everything from artificial intelligence to building more efficient networks to making computer hardware smaller, faster, and more capable. Computer engineers are in high demand by a wide range of employers, including technology companies, financial firms, manufacturers, defense contractors, and aerospace companies.

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In cyber-physical systems, computational technology combines with human or environmental interaction in “smart” networked systems that sense and interact with the physical world. This field provides the foundation for critical infrastructure, improved health care, and the interactive technologies that will shape the future.

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This emerging field integrates concepts from electrical and materials engineering with nanoscience, designing atom-by-atom structures to create real-world devices with previously unachievable behaviors and performance. Nanoengineers apply sensing and nanofabrication technologies to a wide range of arenas, such as energy, food production, and national security.

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Advising and resources

Whether you’re already an ISE student or you’re at IU but haven’t declared a major, the advisors in the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering will help you understand your degree requirements, take advantage of academic opportunities, and meet your goals.

We also have a student portal with resources for current students.